We Are A Company of Specialists

PGR Advisory are a UK regulated R&D tax credit compliance firm, with offices in Belfast and London. Our client base spans the country, from Shetland to Devon. Our technical team are always keen to visit client sites and build relationships face to face.

Our team includes:

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Chartered Tax Advisors
  • Qualified Engineers and Sector Specialists

Unlike many other “pop-up” R&D companies, we elect to be regulated by the Chartered Accountants Institute, ensuring clients are guaranteed a professional and high level of service. In addition we are also a registered agent with HMRC.

We believe it takes a technical mind to understand technical activities, that’s why we employ qualified engineers and specialists who have previously carried out R&D themselves.

Our technical team speak the language of client staff, which helps us to identify all the things your client may do which qualify.

Both our technical and tax teams have significant experience in HMRC enquiry management and resolution.

R&D claim compliance checks and enquiries can often be very different and more complex to that typically experienced by firms, which is why many practices rely on us to handle them on their behalf.

Feedback From Accountants

“We have worked with you and your team for many years and always found the service your firm has provided has been excellent. The knowledge, professionalism and diligence that you and your team provide is very reassuring for us.

The feedback I have had from clients that we have referred has always been positive, with clients receiving any repayment due swiftly.

I have no issues with recommending PGR Advisory to any company who would like an expert firm to prepare an R+D tax credit claim on their behalf.”

“I found PGR to be extremely professional to work with.

What impressed me in particular was their extensive knowledge, not just in tax but also in the technical engineering aspect of the client’s own industry.

This proved to be a valuable asset in further developing client relationships.”


How It Works For The Company

Our fees for undertaking the work will be success based.

As such, there will be no fees if the Company does not benefit from the tax incentives available for R&D expenditure.

Our fees only become due when the benefit of the R&D relief is obtained.

Any assistance in the event of an enquiry would be covered by the firm’s fee protection insurance and as such all of the time involved in defending the claim would be covered within that policy (and therefore not payable by the Company).

How It Works For You

We recognise the value of both your relationship with the Client and also the time you spend on the file by sharing a portion of our fee.

Our team have considerable experience working with Accountancy Practices to help them add value to their client’s businesses