Enquiry Support Service

With HMRC carrying out more compliance checks into R&D tax relief claims the chances of receiving an enquiry letter are increasing.

An enquiry can be a stressful time for both you and your accountant when trying to assist HMRC.

R&D compliance checks and enquiries are often very different and more complex than other HMRC checks you may have been involved in. The elements under enquiry are of a technical nature and may require client input in order to correctly address.

Our team includes Engineers and Technical specialists, who are experienced in efficiently liaising with the client’s competent professionals to obtain the information HMRC require, in the form they want.

We have experience of successfully helping companies through the enquiry process. This ensures a successful result for you, HMRC and your accountant.


For Our Existing Clients

We offer enquiry support as an inclusive element of claims we complete. Any assistance in the event of an enquiry would be covered by our fee protection insurance, and as such all time involved in defending the claim would be covered by the policy.

We will liaise with HMRC on your behalf, making the enquiry process as stress free as possible for you.

By providing a detailed technical report with all our claim submission we aim to answer any queries HMRC may have. This should allow the enquiry to be concluded as promptly as possible.

For New Clients

We can help with HMRC enquiries for claims prepared by yourself, your accountant or another advisor. Whether you have just received a letter opening an enquiry or need help resolving a long running enquiry we can help.

We will review your claim, and any HMRC correspondence to determine the best course of action. Should further information be required our team will work with your competent professionals to ensure this is provided in a timely and easy to understand manner to HMRC.

We will liaise with HMRC throughout the enquiry on your behalf to get the best possible outcome for you.